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Timer Control Cat Flap

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Product Description

This cat flap has been designed to help reduce cat road accidents and undesirable hunting activities. An easy to use LCD time control allows you to choose the high risk periods during which you do not wish your cats to go out through the flap, e.g. rush hour, night time, etc. A secure 5 way rotary lock allows you complete control of your cats’ movements through the flap.

  • Easy to use, programmable LCD timer controls exit times.
  • Battery powered. 2 x AA batteries (not supplied) gives over 2 years operation.
  • Easy to use, secure 5 way rotary lock (4 way lock + timer mode).
  • Self lining to 50mm (2″) thick – ideal for all doors, panels and walls.*
  • Silent action will not frighten pets or disturb owner.
  • Transparent flap is preferred by most cats and is made from super tough polymer.
  • Draft and weatherproof fully brush sealed flap with magnetic closure.
  • Rainproof seal.
  • 3 year guarantee.

* Cat Mate Adapter Kit for Walls and Glass Panels (Ref. 361) & Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner (Ref. 308) available separately.

Additional information

Locking System

4 way

Cat size

Small to average

Cut out size

Width 173mm (6 7/8”) x Height 198mm (7 3/4”)

Overall size

Width 197mm (7 3/4”) x Height 246mm (9 11/16”)


Single / multiple glazing, UPVC / metal door, Wall, Wooden door