Shell Pet Fountain, Blue Bowl


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Product Description

Your pet’s health and vitality require adequate water consumption. Our carefully developed, compact design maximises the appeal of drinking by providing multi-height drinking levels with plenty of water movement to ensure naturally oxygenated, cool water throughout the day.

    • Multi-height drinking stations.
    • Shell attachment creates a waterfall to attract your pet with the gentle sound of flowing water.
    • Super-quiet, isolated pump system.
    • Easily visible max. and min. water level indicators. Unique design creates distinct water noise when water level is low.
    • Low voltage power supply with 3m (10’) lead length.
    • 3-stage filtration ensures healthy drinking water for your pet and helps prevent harmful scaling deposits (replacement cartridges available).
    • Easy to clean, dishwasher-proof bowls.

Additional information

Water Capacity

3 Litre

Pet / size

Cat, Small dog