1500 Pond Pump

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Product Description

  • Ideal for fountains and small ponds
  • Low running costs
  • Pond-life friendly
  • Includes fountain set with 4 options
  • 3 year guarantee

Maximum flow rate: 1500 litres per hour (330 gallons per hour)
Maximum head: 1.7m (5’ 7”)
Power consumption: 25 Watts
Features include:
1) Single control knob adjusts flow to fountain and waterfall/filter.
2) May be connected to filter or waterfall using 12mm (1/2”) or 19mm (3/4”) hose.
3) Ceramic shaft and superior rotor design for long service life.
4) Fully encapsulated electrical parts for safety.
5) High efficiency pump design ensures low running costs.
6) Filter foam ensures minimum fountain maintenance.

Additional information

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