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About us

Ani Mate Warehouse - Lyon Road

Ani Mate, established in 1986, is a leading manufacturer of innovative products for pets and ponds. Our products are split into three brands: CAT MATE®, DOG MATE® and FISH MATE®. Through a network of distributors we sell our products to over 40 countries worldwide. North American distribution is provided by Ani Mate a wholly owned division of Ani Mate Ltd.

The overriding factor behind our success is our dedication to providing quality branded products at competitive prices and a level of customer service second to none - that is the cornerstone of Ani Mate's philosophy.

The best quality starts with the best design based on thorough Research and Development. This belief is combined with use of the best materials, careful UK controlled manufacture and stringent checks in accordance with leading quality systems, exemplifies technical design and engineering at its best. International patents and other intellectual property rights protect virtually all of our products.

Ani Mate conducts its business with professionalism, integrity and an aspiration to achieve excellence in all we do. We know our people are vital to success. Our goal is simple, we only recruit and retain the best people to work with us to serve our diverse customer base. We aim to provide customers with the highest level of service. Our customer helpline staff is on hand to answer questions, advise on purchases, and solve any problems, which may arise. We also offer a comprehensive spare parts service as proof of our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

News Items

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